Current release 0.2.0
January 1, 2002

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General information

EiffelOpenGL is an open source project that aims to develop a complete Eiffel binding for OpenGL. The binding is implemented as an Eiffel wrapping of the OpenGL C API.

The aim of the project is to develop a wrapping that:

  • Is a complete wrapping of the OpenGL and GLUT libraries.
  • Runs on different platforms (primarily Win32 and X Window).
  • Can be used with any Eiffel compiler (primarily ISE and SmallEiffel).
  • Works with Mesa.
  • Can be used with ISEs Eiffel Vision library.
The project is hosted on the excellent SourceForge website. At the moment there is only one person working on this project and that is me, Paul Cohen. But, if you're interested and want to help out please feel free to contact me!

Okay, but why did I start this project? There are three simple answers to that:

  • I have long wanted to try my skills at graphics programming.
  • I wanted to do it using OpenGL.
  • I wanted to do it using Eiffel.
OpenGL, the Eiffel way, means design-by-contract, garbage collection multiple inheritance, generic types and readable syntax among other things. EiffelOpenGL attempts to use all the benefits of Eiffel's support for design-by-contract. This enables a lot of obscure or implicit conditions in the OpenGL and GLUT API to be implemented in formal contracts and class invariants and thus to be checked in runtime.

Of course, as you've already guessed, the small 3D balls to the left were created with EiffelOpenGL!

News March 23, 2002

New additions to EiffelOpenGL since 0.2.0 are:
  • The gl_get_xxx commands
  • A number of matrix manipulation commands
  • 2D texturing commands
  • 4 more translated example programs from the Red Book
  • A neat example program using 2D texturing
  • A bug in the EGL/WEL example programs has been fixed
You can of course download a snapshot of the current source code tree via CVS. See the Download page for more information. Don't forget to set your environment variables as described in the Installation section on the Download page!

News January 8, 2002

EiffelOpenGL 0.2.0 finally released! The important features of the new release are:
  • A large number of OpenGL functions have been added to the main wrapper class EGL.
  • More OpenGL GLU functions have been added to the GLU wrapper class EGLU.
  • Support for NURBS has been added.
  • Wrapper classes for all the OpenGL primitives has been added.
  • Support for stippling patterns has been added.
  • An example program for testing the OpenGL primitives and stippling patterns.
  • 7 example programs in C from the Red Book that have been translated to Eiffel.
  • A few bugs have been fixed.
  • A lot of code has been tidied up.
  • I have stopped working on EGLAUX in order to focus on the wrappings of GLUT and OpenGL proper.
  • No updated documentation. I intend to do a supplementary release to this 0.2.0 release containing documentation as soon as I have the time.

Author: Paul Cohen
"$Date: 2002/03/23 13:34:12 $"
"$Revision: 1.7 $"